Monday, 20 December 2010


Hattie took me for a walk this morning.

And we met this fine cat.

The RP was not with us as he had to go to Bette's funeral. All I knew about "Betty" [as she was in my prosaic mind] was that she a rather anxious old lady who had once sold us her 4 oak dining room chairs when she downsized to the next village.

Now I find she had a rather rebellious youth, wore a green pill box hat even tho her father disapproved, migrated to Canada, came back when her kids had grown up and wished she hadn't.
Shame we don't swop our stories until the funeral.
Maybe she was called Bette because she looked like Bette Davis, her given name was Alicia. Can't ask her now.
As Hatters and I returned we found Bette's last resting place outside the church door as they sung hymns inside.

Fortunately they had dug the grave before the -7 temperatures of last night, so now she is secure under a blanket of flowers.

Perhaps I should look out a nice photo of my rebellious youth and leave it accessably, plus a list of songs. White Stripes, REM................
Bette went out of the church with Elvis and Peace in the Valley. Good taste in hats and music.


Gillian said...

Oh I agree! I hadn't thought of it before but I shall start a small folder with, as you say, a happy youthful pic and a list of favourites.
What a grand snowcat.
Christmas Cheers Gillian

Frangipan said...

I hope you get that Louise Bourgeois book for Christmas. Lovely snow photos and I like the sound of the Elvis.