Saturday, 15 January 2011

adrift in Norfolk

Before we wended North I started this piece, possibly to cheer the grey day.
However as it is quite large it is a bit too chirpy so I have taken the ladies off and put them on a darker background..............and added hair.
Not sure Picasso would approve. Now of course I am stuck in exactly the same place as before, what to do now.................the ladies were stuck to the background before, having peeled them off they are now merely tacked on, so I have to think of a way to stitch them down I suppose...............oh dear.

Whilst in Norfolk I solved the problem by taking lots of balls of wool with me and crocheting a big squarish "throw" from the ever reliable trebles. Half done so I can revert to it tonight when I am sick of poking the above.

Millions of pink footed geese fly over head clacking away, camera can never catch enough of them, probably they are actually chuckling, especially at all the twitchers anxiously twirling their long lenses and not having much more luck.
Hattie the Dog can still do a tight turn at speed, but she did flag a bit after the long walks. Given her unreliable rear end RP took her out 4 times a day to make sure we maintained our £100 deposit, [rather than hers] so she really had a work out.
The cottage had 4 televisions! living room had a 42" and bedroom a 32" - frightening. We have one 28" at home. Rather than march around with Hats I watched a lot of very colourful snooker or read Xmas books.
The Reversal by Michael Connelly was a return to form as they say.
Three Seconds by Roslund and Hellstrom was an intricate tale of how long it takes for a missile launcher to crash into the prison hostage before the taker can move and hide in the ventilation shaft. Guess how long? Hope I haven't spoiled it for you. I could have left them behind on the traditional shelf but they are both spanking new hard backs so I will try and loosen my hold and pass them on from here.
From the shelf I read a Lisa Scottoline, a sort of slightly tighter Stephanie Plum type tale.
One day we went to Blakeney to pick up a new cup for RP as we had broken the last one. The church there does a nice line in fine bone china mugs, and the man does like to stick to his traditions.
From their shelf I plucked Sarum by Edward Rutherford the epic yarn of Salisbury from Ice Age to recent times..........1344 pages. I have found the Stone Age hard going but hopefully it will pick up.


Gillian said...

Happy New Year!
I got DJ the Larsson trilogy for xmas and as he is now onto the second one I have started the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Probably the last person in the world to do so but now I know why everyone made such a fuss.
Love Zen on TV. I just pretend he is his younger brother.
Still knitting giant throw from weeks ago but one good attack will get it done.
Cheers Gillian

Frangipan said...

Lovely photos from Norfolk, it looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to like Sarum. I loved it, naturally, as it's only down the road!
We're going there soon with Jess and James to see the latest installation by Bruce Munro - a series of light towers in the cloisters made from empty plastic drinks bottles!

carol said...

I remember Blakeney - N & I visited with the Rushtons once. Lots of Rommels asparagus.

Brilliant photos.