Friday, 21 January 2011

in memory of Nigel

One of my stitching groups is faced with a Regional Challenge. We are part of the SE Forum of stitching groups, so each has to concoct a collage type thingy of aspects of one's region. We discussed at length and have about 20 possible areas to develop. One that caught my eye is pargetting, of which there is quite a bit in Suffolk.
So when in town this week I took some pics of the local Ancient House, with my new camera lens. Dropped the last one and broke the focusing motor whatsit.
New Year Resolution Do not hang camera on door knob any more
Do more sketch book work.

I quite like this one and may have a go at an Sample. The other Suffolk trademark is Suffolk "pink".
This was the tinted whitewash that used to painted on the cottages to refresh them each year. Some say that the pink tint was achieved from crushed fruits and berries, others that it was bulls blood and some red wine.

These were taken by Felting Needle

I especially like this simple mark making

There is also some rather sweet wood carving

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carol said...

I've always admired the pargetting in Ipswich - there is some in Saffers I think but not nearly as much. Nice project I should have thought.