Saturday, 30 April 2011

Alternative Royal Wedding

For those who didn't get to see the Great Day, this is probably more fun. I did sit down and watch Kate and Wills become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and even sniffled a bit at times.
The Abbey looked magnificently Gothic, but a little strange with trees down the aisle. I suppose Charles had to have someone to talk to.
The fascinators were amazingly huge, sitting behind what with the trees must have been very arboreal.
Apparently when Charles comes to the throne, if ever, he won't be a Charlie, it is thought to be an unlucky name for a king, so he will be George VII.


carol said...

Thanks for that - fun!

I appreciated more deeply the meaning of the saying ''e's a right proper Charley' when I went to Culloden the first time. What a pr&t that Charlie was!

I though Kate looked really confident and as if she were enjoyng it (in the endless evening repeats) but someone said she was shaking like a leaf. As two nice looking young human beings I wish them well.

carol said...

P.s. Whoever made that video was very clever! So many lookalikes!

I read there is areal life lookalike chosen to stand in for Kate as there was one for the Queen Mother on tedious occasions with not too many close-ups.