Monday, 2 May 2011

taking the bins out

So the Bin-man has finally been binned. For what good it will do, and probably a lot of bad. There's a lot of legalised murder around, but i guess there always has bin. It's all very sad and totally outside my control, even if we get AV voting. Which we probably won't.

It seems to me that most men favour first past the stupid post and women are more inclusive, but I may be wrong. Picking up daughter and GG on the day, so must remember to vote, fore or aft.

We spent the weekend at a textile printing workshop, very amiable and peaceful.

in the main, tho tutor wanted us to make strange little vessels which I wasn't up for, tho others were braver and persevered with the origami like folding involved

She did show some stitch samples which I liked however.

It has been relentlessly sunny so it seemed a shame to stay in the village hall for two days, but it seems there is more to come. Poor dry garden. Son reports that San Francisco is fine too, which must be pleasant, but he has split up with his girlfriend so he is not enjoying it much. If only we could organise our off spring properly, either that or live in blessed ignorance like my parents preferred.

Daughter may get to see some bluebells if she gets over her jet lag in time.

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Gillian said...

Bin-and-Gone's dead body was shown on Sky telly early in the morning of the day with warnings of it's gruesomeness. It has never been mentioned since!
House is now totally finished and my life can be spent visiting exhibitions, beaches, castles, restaurants and auction houses. I shall squeeze in the gym a couple of times a week!
I repeat the offer of house swap too. Contact me if you have some time slot that would suit you.