Wednesday, 13 April 2011

blossom dearie

Yesterday was one of those sunny Spring days; no doggie to walk, but we went round the Long Fields anyway. We are learning to walk out without Hattie. Not our tree, it belongs to farmer up the lane, blossoms wonderfully every year and dares me to be depressed - about anything.

The magnolia is out again, too many flowers to count now, but cold windy day has made it easier yesterday

Our poor pear trees were cut back over the winter.

They are fighting back, but look very sad at the mo.

Goodness knows if they will have pears. Guess they will have a few just in desperation.


carol said...

What is that interesting object in front of the glorious magnolia? Looks like a kettle on a sewing machine - sculpture or a barbecue?

chillsider said...

It's the old mangle that used to squeeze the water out of g'dad's washing, plus a WI sized kettle he also left behind.
two small pottery figures chatting on the mangle are my contribution.