Friday, 1 April 2011

paper nylon

Yes the petticoats were "paper nylon" as Gillian says.

As I remember it we just used to soak them in hot water into which much sugar had been dissolved and then they drip dried on the washing line.

Dunno why we didn't use starch.

They used to stick out beautifully under the full skirts until the body heat from rocking and rolling melted the sugar again and we and our petticoats returned home somewhat limp but still sweet sixteen.

I have a pic somewhere but will have to add it later I guess. It is not very dashing, just me in black and white standing in my nana's back garden looking embarrassed and maybe in a fullish cotton skirt if I remember rightly. [Found it - only one petticoat i think]

I expect I was about 13, far too tall and with defiantly curly hair that led to me being nicknamed Golly, in those un-PC times.

My mother insisted I brush it back off my face, i hold much against my mother but that was one of the deepest crimes, she told me I would look awful with a fringe. Since leaving home I have never been without one.


Gillian said...

What an influence comments from mothers have on us for the rest of our lives.
I was also very tall at that age and have never stopped growing. My hair was limp and thin and still is. Both characteristics were cause for comment.
I wonder if I'll ever feel happy about both or either but I have spent thousands of pounds and weeks of time trying to have CURLY HAIR!!!
Great Pic. I have one like it somewhere. Skirt never stuck out as much as yours or the ones in adverts.
Lucky you.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

That doesn't look even one bit like you and you look about 30!! Your ma has a lot to answer for! When I remember the cool, hip young woman I met at college.... I'm amazed.