Wednesday, 15 June 2011

hot day

I live near a fairly small "market" town; I was going to say we don't have much of a market any more and likewise not much crime.

Then I remembered the recent serial killer.

Anyway this was a quick smash and grab that I stumbled across this morning while wandering around looking for something to edge my fossil strips. [I merrily cut them into 3 long strips without leaving margin allowance] so need tofind a way to finish them off.

The robbers presumably grabbed some expensive looking watches that are usually smugly laying on their velvet cushions in the window. Not sure how they got away from the hue and cry as it is a pedestrianised zone, but I guess if they are dastardly thieves they may break other rules too.

I finished the 4 books I have to make for the next exhibition.

We each had to make a sample of work 2"x2" some notes about our prowess and 4 attractive covers. Not my favourite occupation, so the stitching looks a bit sulky. We are charging £15 and pooling the money between us, haven't booked any away days on the proceeds!

Pic will follow but Retired Person, who does the technicals, is a bit sulky too. It is hot and feels like there will be a storm. He has been trying to expell the grass that cemented itself between the flowers in the drought and has got rather irritated, understandable.

So a grumpy couple.

The cat is happy, it is hot and he is asleep.

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carol said...

You can complain about the heat but here we complaing about the cold. we haven't had decent sunshine since April.

We're living on the same little island dammit!