Friday, 10 February 2012


Still got the same snow, no more no less. Gets very boring tramping across the church yard to the car at the top of the hill. Had to move it from outside the house as the Lane is icy and ungritted. Unlike my teeth, it is so cold.

Heating keeps cutting out; drains blocked and had to pay the man and his rods £126 to free us.

Went up to London on Thursday to see the Hockney exhibition. Strange smell of candle wax throughout. Many many pictures of trees, painted "en plein air" at least three huge rooms full, Yorkshire trees, like looking out of a car window and seeing the trees go by.

The smaller water colours of farm land were quite good, nice light and sense of tranquility, maybe 20 or 30 of them; easy to see, exhibition wasn't crowded which was a surprise.

Lots of oil paintings, thick rather ugly daubs in lots of cases, wouldn't have passed muster at the local art group exhibition. Horrible glaring green.

Then there were the iPad pics, 52 of them, all beautifully blown up and mounted around one complete room, the changing seasons. Sunshine seems to suit him best, the shadows bought the pictures alive, the rest were ugly.

Then he retreated to a huge studio and did some from his imagination [based on years of study] these are the huge ones you see on the posters in California colours. Really much more attractive than i thought they would be

So - a varied response, plus an irresistible urge to get an iPad and have a go!

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Gillian said...

Oh Yes! I'd love to see it all. And the ipad app must be well worth a go. I wonder if it works like that for everyone! Wish I'd had shares in it.
Just for has been much milder up here. We had a spell of snow, freezing rain etc but it's all gone now.
Hope things improve for you soon.
Cheers Gillian