Monday, 20 February 2012

swimming against the tide

Meet my new friend ! Decided I haven't got time to delay..........downloaded the Brushes app for £5.99 [I think] - memory is hazy in these Last Few Days.........thinking in the 1000s! Just so few compared to what has gone before. And forgotten. Not fair.

Mother came up with a postcard my nana had written to a friend [Alf ] adding a note that I was away in a school camping trip on Isle of Man. 1959.

All I remember was the force 8 gale crossing and the TT riders face embedded in the telegraph pole [well the imprint if you see what I mean]. Can't remember anything about the 2 weeks camping at all.

Snow has gone, cold and sunny yesterday, the rowing boat was bobbing around, but firmly anchored.

If I wasn't so frightened by my OU tutor I might have tried a poem. She is very brisk. My last draft was dismissed as confusing, in fact she said the reader may feel sea=sick reading it. We were supposed to be splicing dialogue and I was obviously blowing at least a Force 8 in words.

Went to W*aterstones today and invested in several paper backs and Angela Carter's postcards book, I can't read magical realism but this little notebook looks very realistic. However she never allowed herself to become becalmed, so I shall keep paddling too.

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carol said...

What a richness of nautical metaphors!

Congratulations on your new toy.