Tuesday, 26 February 2013

started but not finished

Exploring the concept of the older woman....................in paint and clay. This isn't a self portrait, tho in some ways it could be as I do find this whole studying thing very tiring, and feel over whelmed,  no way I could do full time, too old.  I should learn to Salute the Sun each morning instead of turning 6 Music up very loud and banging my fist.  I think quite a lot of the students feel the pressure, which is not what one expects really, especially on a Fine Arts course.  Should be a doddle, but somehow the tutors just laconically throw out endless ideas and projects and look surprised when we blanch,.   it's not that i don't want to take them up on site specific installations, charity sculpture challenges, etc etc it's just there isn't room in my head to form up what I am supposed to be doing.  I guess it is like schoolkids doing GCSE continuous assessment, you never know when you are finished.  Give me a 3 hour exam any day.  No i don't mean that, never again, i laid down my last exam paper some years back and swore I would never do that again. 

Tutor suggests I could also make a textile sculpture..........with some of my rusted fabric.  And paint a life size portrait.  Any volunteers.  Much too cold for a nude.


carol said...

I can't salute the sun any more - get rather stuck when trying to rise gracefully from 'downward dog!" Getting out of the bath is becoming hazardous.

I think a large 'storyboard' might be fun. A strip cartoon of the day in a life of an older woman. The ungraceful bits, the fun bits (lunching out with friends, um... must be something else.... Standing at the door of a room wondering why I went there. Nostalgic flash-backs... watching grandchildren... )it's a bit of a narrative and probably what I do rather than what you do? Not sure how decorative it would be. Probably a textile sculpture sounds more integrated.

Gillian said...

I reiterate my admiration for all you are accomplishing. I love the women on paper and in clay.
I'm too far away to offer as a model.
Seriously... What about your mother? Other ideas I had are local librarians, supermarket checkouters, you in a mirror, someone from a magazine.
Cheers Gilian