Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Monday funday

 Very chirpy day at college.  Had painting tutorial in the morning, and tutor was encouraging.  I had gessoed a couple of hardboards and painted with acrylics.  The first more successful than the second but we learn from our problems............hopefully.  Haven't done much painting so have a arbitrary collection of brushes from the artist to the decorating, but it is stimulating to get such a quick result of mark making [as they say] as compared to cutting, fiddling and stitching.  And acrylics dry so quickly  a new thought can be attempted even more quickly than unstitching and stitching something else.
Sadly i will end up with a load of boards to add to the pile of textile pieces that have not been sold yet.
 Can move one obstinate piece tho as the third years have an auction of donated art works [1st and 2nd years are shut in a cupboard till they cough up] coming up, so donated my "Tracy Emin" look alike blanket which is unlikely to sell in the local exhibitions.  It concerns eating problems and the female position as "sin eater" [reference to Eve and original sin and women's guilt etc. etc.]          Embarrassing if it doesn't sell at the auction, but that's their problem.
Monday afternoon was a hoot.  We piled into the sculpture room and were provided with the structure on which to build a clay portrait of each other. Much giggling and high spirits at our end of the table. Mine was tasteful rather than exciting.  R's one of me was libellous but much more fun.  Next week we hope to learn to make moulds.


Alison Couchman said...

I love your sculpture Glen - very elegant. Yes, the one done of you was more entertaining in a way but yours looked 'proper'. Very refined and . . . .elegant. Can't think of a better word for it. Loving the new look of the blog too.

Gillian said...

Yes! great new look and you seem to be having such a great time. I liked the rust dying from a few posts back and the clay modelling is wonderful. Is a 1- like an A-. If so heaps of congratulations and looking forward to more stuff.
Cheers Gillian