Saturday, 6 April 2013

don't stare at the sun

Being a self starter in any area is exhausting at times.  The voice in your head doesn't help, asking, on a loop of derision, why are you even bothering. 
Having paid stupid university fees and joined a group moving erratically forward [sometimes in the same direction], and above all being required to prioritise the enterprise above straightening the curtains does help, I find.
However I get more work done in the holidays, without those pesky tutors and their power point presentations.
Goodness knows if I can get CW into the car [named after my slim son]   I like the Richard Hawley song so i thought I would make something from it...................

 Thinking of ambiguous titles will hopefully add some subtlety to my work!!
 Have been adding a slight tinge of pink to Big Nuddey [example of my subtlety] as if she is just alive, not dead yet, like so many of us, .......needs more sun perhaps?  However today the whining had to stop as the temp. went into double figures, 10 and the sun was warm.  We walked by the river in a daze.


Gillian said...

I love Big Nuddey. I'm booked for a life drawing class at that Artison place at Masham in the summer and can't wait. I hope I have a model like her.
A great go at statuary too, or is it sculpting? Does one build one and remove material from the other, perhaps?
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Impressive! You continue to amaze me.