Wednesday, 17 April 2013

more work needed

Back to Art Skool on Monday, with a cold generously donated by Him Indoors. I look somewhat like the lady painted below, but she is just a random pic off the web which I experimented with, in my first go at Oils!  I bought some Oil Bars, very much fun, like big soft crayons but are oil paint and wax, which, it is claimed dry faster.  Watched a UTube video to learn process, as obviously it is below tutors to  indulge in such practises as tutoring.
She looked haunted in the pic as you can see?,  I painted her thinking of a concentration guard standing trial...........looks more like a waitress who has dropped the cakes.

 Callie kept me company.
 I have been thinking of the Ice Age Art exhibition at the BM, so tried to have a go at a rock carving thing by making a plaster mould from clay in a box.  Tutor helped me make the box, being as I am a poor woman with no skill with nails [well that's about true really] but of course he had his pride and made it so meticulously, with so many nails and glue I could hardly break her out.
 She looks a bit jolly, so i added blood....lots of significance and gravitas, but not sure it quietens her down any.
 Big Nuddey went down well with tutor, but still work to do, surprisingly enough.  Also managed to fit plaster man into car and got him to sculpture room , only breaking one arm on the way.  Boo.  Tutor told me ...more work is needed, so had about him with saw and scraper thing [plaster man, not tutor] and bandaged his arm with mud rock.
While we were working some students came down from RSA to crit some of the 3rd years work.
A man sized banana received some very weird esoteric suggestions, mostly referencing penises, maker opined it was just a banana, which received silent applause from moi.
Daisy thought it was all rubbish and concentrated on telling the birds outside what for.  They ignored her as she doesn't go outside.  Some females have mouths bigger than their aspirations.
Thatcher's funeral is on gog at the mo, see above.

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carol said...

Sorry about cold.the plaid old lady is worryingly familiar. I seem to see her in my mirror in the mornings.... She looks more scared than vindictive. Like photo of cat. Blood's a bit too much for me. Funny how some things make one cringe whilst a good autopsy thrills. Please don't analyse.....