Saturday, 4 May 2013


The sun is shining but I have got a bit dull.  End of term I suppose, glad it is finishing, sad it is finishing. No more ArtSkool till October!  Stupid.
We are putting up our first years exhibition in the Atrium, 3 floors of light filled tower, work gets a bit lost in the brightness to be honest.
 Fortunately mine is quite large and insistently black and white.....but between two toilets.
Tutor suggested I give Big Nuddey some hair, which was annoying, but I think maybe he was right.  I have named her End of Days. Other tutor suggested I left the chair there as part of the installation, tutors are like that.
I am very tired and irritable, don't know if it is old age or justifiable after getting up too early for a whole semester. 
Went in for my last portrait class on Friday and really would have liked to stick my big bad hog hair brush ........somewhere, don't know where, just tired and bad tempered.     Mother sat for 3 weeks, reading her kindle [one of Ann Cleeves crime stories set in the Shetlands] and was very patient, which possibly also wound me up. 
Also some of the other students are very good, so I feel very small..........
Had a long chat with the sculpture tutor, which consoled me briefly, [he is very attractive] till having taken 2 paces down the corridor I realised had solved nothing at all.  He should be a politician.
I can't make up my mind whether to do painting and sculpture next year, or just painting.  The sculpture room is very laddish, and the tutor loves chatting to the chaps, and admiring their welding. I need a regular sit down tutorial and other students to network with, to focus me and gee me up.
I have been isolating myself lately, trying to get work finished, plus watching TV and sleeping when ever poss. so maybe the summer holidays have come just in time.
Have started stitching some pieces for the exhibition in July, soothing running stitches.


Gillian said...

It sounds a bit anticlimactic chez vous at the moment. Sunshine and exhibition should help a bit and some more running stitches outlining full shapes.
Such achievement!! Well done.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

I dimly remember that end-of-term feeling. The exhibition is looking good.