Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A fine day

Took down the exhibition today at Snape Maltings [nr Aldeburgh] after two weeks exposing our work to the populace pootling by.  Quite a lot of peeps were potentially around as it is Benni Britten's centenary, so concerts and stuff.  And the weather of course is amazing.
No excuses really.
Obviously people feel a little more wary of shelling out for Art, and I expect the concert tickets were a priority, but we definitely didn't sell as much as usual.

Fortunately the "shop" [where we sell smaller things, cards and inspiration packs etc.]took over two thousand pounds so we covered our expenses. Hire of the Gallery etc.
Double fortunately I was one of the two that sold from the exhibition, three pieces, the Queue, a Rust pic and Woman looking in Mirror so I now have a bit more space in my work room.
Also there is some interest in me showing some work in a Textile Art exhibition in Colchester.
I really should shove my work out more often, but the ego is a delicate flower and needs nurture not refusals.  I need an Agent, ...........and a Secretary, and a Psychiatrist, and a Cleaner, and a Cook and a Bottle washer, tho maybe I could do without the latter.
Could be thought that what I need is a Wife, but HimIndoors is really ace at most of the above. 
We had delicious fish and chips on the beach at Aldeburgh for lunch and a lovely long walk across the marshes at Snape, then home to strawberries from the garden.
All this good stuff definitely makes one uneasy. 

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