Sunday, 21 July 2013

more agony than ecstasy

I have been fiddling about with some stitchings;  once ArtSkool starts I won't have time and I have hit a bit of a wall with the painting work.
Too long till October! No sense of panic. 
By chopping and joining have constructed this seasidey thingummy but it will need a deal more stitching before it surrenders.  Colours are nice but everything is somewhat crude and lumpy.
certainly looks better reduced size on the screen. 
The Ascot people have possibly reached the end, but have sketchy false starts on the linen, so not sure what to do about them.
I am limping around having stood on a large needle yesterday.  I was working on my rust cloth when I was distracted, when I returned to pick it up from the floor, the needle must have been stood up vertically in a fold, threaded with black wool, and I stepped full weight on it.
It went into the ball of my foot, eye and thread first, and I got that lurchey feeling in my groin of anguish.  [reminiscent of when the kids were doing something dicey]
Nothing to be done but to pull it out scrape out the woolly bits left behind and apply TCP.
Hopefully my foot won't fall off in time, now just Lurching around feeling sorry for myself.

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carol said...

I love the Ascot crowd. Lumpy is good too.
Ouch and double ouch. Feelquite faint thinking about it.