Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Stupidly I pottered into my WorkRoom this morning confident that i could find the small piece of leather I was looking for.  Of course I couldn't and then I fell deeply into the Slough of Deep Despond when I realised what a mess the whole room was, how much stuff I ha piled up therein and how much I wasn't prepared to throw away.
Rotating and muttering I achieved very little, except remove some to my ladyShed, to pile up there, out of sight.
It is/was raining and quite chilly which is not welcome after all the moaning about weeks of heat.
Eventually all the shifting about got me to look quizzically[bad temperedly] at a canvas I had prepared with Gesso and I sketched out the above...........having painted it for an hour or so I feel much better, altho it will inevitably lead to the growing piles of stuff eventually.

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